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אודליה יקיר, הרצאות לעובדים, סדנת מנהלים ומפגשים לקהל הרחב

Who am I?

An actress, journalist, stand-up comic, and developer of content for television. All my life, I have dealt with telling a story in a funny way. Over the last fifteen years, I have written and shared my personal stories in comics, magazines, and newspapers, among them, Menta, Mako, and Nana. For the last two years, I have written in an Israeli cultural affairs magazine every weekend and an op-ed in the daily newspaper. I am a graduate of Communications and Business Management from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, as well as a graduate of New York’s HB Studio in New York and Israel’s “Beit Zvi” School of the Performing Arts.

For eight years, I have performed stand-up comedy both in Israel and abroad, in both Hebrew and English. I have performed on prime-time TV in shows such as “Tzcho M’Avoda” (Laughing from Work), “Shishi al ha’gag” (Friday on the Roof), “Hakita Hatipulit” ,and more. I had my own segment on various morning shows and for the last two years, have developed TV formats about weddings and parenting which are currently in production.

And why am I telling you all this? Because my experience as a comedian, actress, and someone who has delivered sales and TV pitches around the world allows me to provide practical tools for how to effectively use this important tool called humor. As part of my workshops, I teach how to overcome stage fright (even after a decade, I still get nervous every time) and how to use humor effectively to make the audience listen to you and love you. No less important, I teach how to use humor to improve the efficiency of your corporate environment. Humor is also a great way to create intimacy, overcome embarrassment, and solve conflicts in relationships, with your family or with the bank clerk.

How to overcome stage fright?
Did you know that stage fright is the biggest fear, even before the fear of death (which is in second place)? Most people suffer from fear of crowds at one level or another. Some fail to even get onstage at all but many succeed using different techniques to overcome this. The reasons for public fear are many and varied, but the main problem comes when even imagining failing onstage paralyzes us before it even happens

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